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Fat Dogs - Consequences of Your Dog Being Overweight

Most of us have read the media reports of increasing obesity among children and adults in the United States and other parts of the Western world. However, as we have started getting fatter so

When is a Puppy Fully Grown?

Those small faces and big shiny eyes can be impossible to resist in the first weeks after your dog’s puppies are born. However, as those puppies begin to age and get larger and more dest

Correcting Dominance in your Dog

In nature, dogs – like wolves – live in packs. They are social animals and, as such, are comfortable living with a strict social order. Each pack has a clear leader and that l

Teach Your Dog To Walk On A Leash

Today, it’s not uncommon to see dog owners walking their beloved canines. While dog walking is a necessity, most of the people you come across are going about the walk

Training Your Puppy to Sit and Stay

Puppies and dogs need training.  Training provides your puppy with mental stimulation and gives the two of you a chance to bond.  Plus, a well-trained dog is more pleasant to have in your

Training Your Puppy to Live with the Cat

Dogs and cats have a reputation for not getting along, but that doesn’t have to be the case. In many households around the world, pets of both species have learned to live t

Where Can I Sell My Puppies?

The question "Where can I sell my puppies?" is asked by all breeders at some point or another, and really, it should be.  Years ago, local newspapers were t

Separation Anxiety

Dogs are social animals. They want to be part of a pack ,and once you bring them into your home your family becomes that pack. So imagine how hard it can be on your dog when the entire pa

Help Your Puppy Stop Chewing

Puppies explore the world with their mouths. Unlike humans who can touch everything around them with their hands, puppies rely on their mouths and this can cause some serious problems for thei

Helping Your Dog Overcome Submissive Urination

When your dog is greeted by people, does he leave a puddle on the floor during the encounter? Does he respond to scolding by having a small “accident” on your carpet?

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