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Where Can I Sell My Puppies?

The question "Where can I sell my puppies?" is asked by all breeders at some point or another, and really, it should be.  Years ago, local newspapers were the main (and often only) source of potential buyers for a breeder's puppies.  Dog shows were a good source for the buyer if they were interested in finding reputable dog breeders, but let's be honest, how many people take the time these days to visit a dog show when they are interested in finding a reputable breeder.  Not enough.

No, the internet these days has become the method of choice for most people when they decide to add a pet to their family.  So as a breeder, how do you tap this market and get your puppies out there so these savvy buyers can see them?

Before I go on, let me just say that the internet is a big place and there are several avenues available to breeders, and not all of them end up here at PupListings.  But honestly, if we didn't think we were among the best at what we do, we wouldn't still be doing this.  We also receive a consistent stream of praise from breeders who list their puppies with us, so as long as our customers are happy we know we must be doing something right.

So with that out of the way, let's explore your options.

The first thing many breeders think about when deciding to sell their puppies online is having a website built for them.  I actually think this is a really good idea, but I wouldn't do it first!  My main reasoning for that is due to the utter abyss that is the internet - having a website is great, but how are people going to find you?

No, the first thing you should do as a breeder when deciding to sell puppies online is to find a reputable puppy classifieds service (yes, like we provide here) on which to advertise your dogs.  Doing this first is important for several reasons.  First and foremost, you get an instant stream of potential buyers.  Once your website is online you can add it to your listing to show off additional pictures and explain your breeding practices to the public, but doesn't it make more sense to add that later - and in the meantime, get the customers lining up at your door via your listing?

Ok, so why do we think using our service to list your puppies online is your best option?

You may have seen our ads around the internet before visiting us, and if so you probably saw the word premium in there somewhere.  We describe our classifieds as premium and we mean it!  Not only have we attempted to simplify the listing process as much as possible for you, we've made it easy for buyers to contact you as well.  It's hard for us to understand why some similar sites out there require buyers to pay just to contact breeders - how does that make sense?!  Then they turn around and tell the breeders that they can pay extra so that buyers can contact them for free - are they kidding?!  Buyers are never charged a fee to contact dog owners here.

We also provide many services behind the scenes that are rarely done in this industry.  The one our customers most appreciate is our filtering mechanism that works to prevent puppy scammers from ever reaching our customers.  This has become a serious threat to the online puppy marketplace, and we fight the fight daily so that you don't have to.

Another side of the premium services we offer here is the premium buyer traffic we have been able to produce.  Many services can provide traffic to their listings, but we are most interested in driving premium traffic (meaning interested buyers) to you, so we do our best to ensure that visitors who arrive at your listing are there because they are interested in exactly the type of puppy you have to offer.

I could go on but I think you get the picture - we our proud of our services and we enjoy what we do here.  We love dogs, and we love helping other dog lovers find that perfect family pet.  So the next time you're in need of a place to sell your puppies online, please consider us.  We'd love to assist you in finding a great home for those precious puppies of yours.

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