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How do I sell my dog online?

Selling Your Dog or Puppy Online

Are you searching for the best way to sell your precious dog or puppy online? If so, we have a few tips to make the process easier for you.

Visit your vet

Whether your living or health situation has changed and you are being forced to give up a family pet, or your pet simply has had a litter of puppies, the first thing you should do before setting out to sell or give away a pet is to get a clean bill of health from your local veterinarian. Buyers expect this, and it is reassuring for them to know that they will not be introducing into their family anything potentially harmful. If this is a dog that you have had for awhile, you might also get a copy of the dog's health records for your potential buyers so that they can see the history of regular checkups and vaccination routines.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Browse through our current list of dog classifieds and see how many of the picture-less listings you have the urge to inspect. We allow up to a dozen photos in some of our listing packages so get that camera rolling! Make sure the photoshoot takes place in a well-lit area in your dog's natural habitat. For indoor dogs take the photos in your living room or other area where he hangs out the most - for outdoor dogs go outside on a clear day and let him romp while you catch a few great shots. If you have a nice camera that takes photos in large resolution formats, you may need to verify that they are under 2mb before uploading them. Don't worry about anything else though - once they are under 2mb our system will resize them and take care of the rest.

Gather up the details

  1. Make some decisions about the price of your dog(s). Check our current listings to get a price range if you are unfamiliar with average prices for your dog's breed.
  2. If your dog is registered, locate and make photocopies of his registration papers. Potential buyers may be interested in a copy.
  3. Decide what items you will sell with your dog(s). Sellers who are selling their family pet may want to include a crate, food, toys, bed, and anything else with which the dog is already familiar - these familiar items help make the transition to a new family.

Show your dog(s) to the world

It's time to list your dog's classified ad. Input all pertinent information and fill the description field with useful information for potential buyers. Once again, browse our current listings and get a feel for the type of items that appeal to you, then use these in your own listing.

Be responsive to your listing (and watch out!)

Internet users expect quick responses, so when a potential buyer contacts you through PupListings, respond quickly and courteously to their questions. You should also have a few questions for them as well, as you seek to find a good, loving home for your pet(s). Keep an watchful eye out for scammers as well - they are abundant on the internet and we have written a thorough article that seeks to make it easier on you to spot puppy scams before they happen to you!

Almost done!

Once you narrow down the potential buyers to the one(s) you have chosen for your pets, it is time to finalize the deal. There are many ways to make this happen, but the important thing is to stay within your comfort zone. If someone has approached you with an odd-seeming method of completing a financial or shipping transaction, read our puppy scam article before proceeding! If you are still unsure, make the appropriate changes to the process until you are comfortable with it - your dog(s) deserve your due diligence in this matter!

Paypal is a very popular form of payment on the internet, and requires the parties to divulge no personal information to each other - for this reason we recommend it. You may also want to investigate services such as Escrow.com if the financial portion of your transaction is substantial.

If your pet's new home is very far away, your buyer may need to investigate shipping options. All major airlines offer services for shipping pets safely - costs average in the $250 range. Check with your favorite or closest airline for details.

This guide is continually being updated so check back often.

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